Animal Message of the Day: Leo

Animal Message of the Day

From Leo:

“Sometimes it can be the simplest of things that make me happy.  Why do humans think it strange that animals have the same kind of feelings that humans have? We don’t question if humans have thoughts and feelings? Anyway, there are days that I love to see the light starting to dim as the sun sets and the clouds turn all sorts of special colors. It is beautiful and it reminds me that there is so much out there in the world that is larger than I am. I don’t have to understand everything to appreciate it. I hope you can find happiness and beauty around you too. It’s there. I know that. Because it is everywhere. There are magical insects and majestic trees. And the wind on certain days brings the most amazing smells. All of life makes me happy. But what makes me most happy is the chance I have been given to live it.”