Animal Message of the Day: José

From José: “I am grateful to be old. And truly blessed to grow older each day. I’ve seen a lot in life. I’ve known a lot of horses over the years and lost a lot of friends. I never forget them. Being a horse does not offer certainty in relationships. I have made strong bonds with humans and with other horses, only to be moved one day and never see them again. I don’t think people think about that. We horses connect strongly and love deeply. We are not just “your ride” for whatever time you are interested in us for. We honor you. We trust you. And we mourn the losses that we incur. I live my life knowing I have connected with many great souls. I don’t know where they are now. They don’t know where I am either. But we still stay bonded. I have friends here now that I know I will have forever. That brings me great comfort. When we lose someone here, it is because they have moved into spirit. We miss them. But we know they left here loved. And for that, I am forever grateful for the opportunity to grow old.”