Animal Message of the Day – Izzy

From Izzy: “I have done this every year for many years now. I am grateful to have the opportunity to do it again. One can never be too grateful in life. Gratitude can never be over expressed. I am old now. I am retired from the barn that I once was in charge of with my sister Bella. Now I live inside and I help with various projects going on here that are really important. I keep my eye on things always. I would like to make my message this year in honor of all the loved ones who are no longer with us in body but who are always alive in our hearts. Spirit never dies. Love never dies. It is important that we honor and remember that always. I am the keeper of memories. Loved ones are never forgotten. On this farm, the ones who have left are still a part of everything here. I know this for sure because I’ve been here for a long time and I have seen a lot of loved ones leave. But I can still feel all of them here just as I remember them. Let’s be grateful for our memories.”