Animal Message of the Day: Gizmo

Animal Message of the Day

From Gizmo:

“I know a thing or two about feeling hopeless and despondent. I dedicate my message to those of you who may feel lost or feel the loss of someone else around you. I understand a heavy heart as mine has been heavy before too. I felt like life had no meaning and there was no sense continuing on. Boy was I ever wrong. What changed my mind and healed my heart was the love and belief of someone stepping in and saying to me, ‘I want you to be here.’ Just to feel wanted again was incredible. We all need to belong. And when we feel we don’t belong, it is important to understand that we each have a unique place in this world and a beautiful plan. But if we separate ourselves out from our own destiny, then we become disconnected. Believe me, I know this is true. If you have the ability to be the light in someone’s darkness, it is a gift that is as precious as life.”