Animal Message of the Day: Ginny

From Ginny:  “I greatly appreciate the different seasons. Winter can sometimes get boring when we have to stay in the barn for long periods of time. But I know that our humans are looking out for us when they leave us in. It can get very icy here. But winter offers a different kind of quiet that doesn’t come in any of the other seasons. I love the quiet when you can hear the snowflakes hitting the ground. I love the crisp air and the pure white of the land all around us. I also love spring and the smells of new grass and buds and flowers. And the return of the birds. I love that too. And summer has all the grass we can eat. I love standing in a summer rain. I love standing outside under the stars. I deliberately do not have a favorite season so that I can enjoy each one for the specialness each offers. Seasons remind us that all things change and that change doesn’t have to be bad.”