Animal Message of the Day: Ginny

Animal Message of the Day

From Ginny:

“I love feeling peacefulness. There is a special quiet that happens just after sunset that I love. It makes me feel comforted deep inside. I didn’t always feel this peace. It took me many years to find it actually. When I was younger, I just was consumed with my body and how nice it moved and how fast I could run. But life changed for me over the years. When I suddenly could no longer run and it became difficult to even walk due to an injury, then my priorities changed. Life became uncertain for me. I didn’t have a job anymore. And I was no longer needed because I couldn’t work. When I ended up in a place where I was appreciated not for what I could do but for who I really am, everything changed. When you find a place like that in your life, embrace it. Because the true meaning of life is the deep peace in moments of your day where you are sure you are right where you belong. The quest to find that place is within you. It is your inner peace and knowing that you are ok exactly how you are. You are needed in this world to be exactly who you are. And I take comfort knowing you are out there being the best you that you can be. That is what I have learned in my life.”