Animal Message of the Day: Fozzie

From Fozzy:  “I love being outside on starry nights. I love the peace and stillness. I also love to lay in the sun and feel the warmth seep through my body. And there is nothing quite as wonderful as rolling in the mud after a good rain. Usually, every day I can find something that is my favorite thing to do. I think it’s good to end a day by thinking about what was the best thing for the day. I am grateful for my friends except when one of them snores too loud at night. And I am grateful for the human friends who care for us. They have good hearts. They bring good food. But most importantly, they are kind. I like those kinds of hearts the best. And now, if you excuse me, it is time for me to go eat, which will be my favorite thing right now to do.”

In an effort to help us all through the stress, fear, and challenges faced by the COVID-19 virus, we are posting an animal message a day. (All messages through animal communicator/co-founder Dawn Hayman) The animals were each asked: What do you feel appreciation for in your life? Or “What would you like to share?”