Animal Message of the Day: Felix

From Felix: “I am grateful for everything around me. I’m thankful to have my buddy Leo – even though he is a bit bossy at times. This year in our barn, we are very grateful to still have our friend Ginny with us. She got very sick suddenly and had to be rushed to a big hospital. We were so relieved to see her come back a week later. She is our leader. She is very grounded and peaceful. So this year, I am most grateful that she is ok and is back here with us. Our family is very tight with one another. We stick together even though we are all so different. Nobody is as different as the sheep. I think they are strange. But we love them too. And, I am also grateful for food. I never stop being grateful for that. And I’m truly blessed to have people to love and be loved by. My favorite thing from my human family is to give and receive their hugs. There is just so much to be grateful for in life.”