Animal Message of the Day: Felix

Animal Message of the Day

From Felix:

“I volunteer every year for this mission of messages. Are you listening out there? We think we have lots of people following us even though we never see or hear them. But we feel you out there. This is a special time. Why? Because you allow yourself to look for hope and compassion at this time of the year. Have you ever noticed that? Hope is actually something that is around every single day, yet humans seem to need to have an excuse to indulge in it now and again. We wish we could fill you with hope! I want to say that I have come to rely on hope and trust in compassion every single minute of my life. Yes, I’ve seen terrible things. I’ve gone through some really tough things and had a rough start. But that didn’t define who I am, but it did make me appreciate all I’ve got now. You are not defined by your pain unless you let that happen. Define yourself instead by your happiness. You are a beautiful being. You are filled with a light that no one else has but you. The world needs to see each light. We are meant to shine our lights together. Will you join me today? Just try it. Stop throughout the day and find one thing to be happy for in your life. And you will see that there is more than you realize. And hope will fill your heart. And your light will get brighter. And then I want you to simply smile at another fellow human today and share that moment of light. You will touch their hearts in a way that helps them feel kindness. And the magic will spread.”