Animal Message of the Day: Eloise

Animal Message of the Day

From Eloise:

“Do you know all the things that I know? I bet some of you think I’m just a pig and what could I know. Ah, but you would be silly to think that. I know the different smells in the air on any given day. I know when the weather is changing. I know the different smells of food and dirt. I have happy days. I have sad days. I love the comfort of my pig family, even when they get on my nerves. I love snuggling in the straw and hearing my pigs snore.  All of these pigs with me are my children. I got to know that they are safe. Sometimes we argue but that is usually because they don’t listen to me. But I have the joy of knowing they will forever be safe here and that makes my heart feel good. I have deep feelings just like you. My body may look different. But my heart beats just like yours. Please get to know me before you pass judgment on who I am …. Because you may not know the truth about being a pig. But I’d love to get to know you and for you to know me too.”