Animal Message of the Day: Eloise

From Eloise: “Have you ever noticed all the wonderful things to smell in life? The smell of apples in the air on a fall day. The smell of clover in the summer. And then there is the smell of watermelon which is like the best ever. And grapes. And fresh mud to wallow in. There is so very much to appreciate in life. I am grateful for all of it. Giving thanks is a gift I think. To be thankful is like telling the sun each day how glad you are that it is there in the sky. Don’t forget the everyday things you take for granted. Be thankful for it all. Every little morsel!”

Each day through December 31, as has been our annual tradition now for many years, we will share with you a message from one of the animals of Spring Farm CARES. We hope this will provide you with a bit of inspiration for your day.