Animal Message of the Day – Edith

From Edith: “This is so exciting! I’m squealing with delight! This life is so full of opportunities. I am grateful for participating in all that I can. I had no idea that my life could be this fun and interesting. My mother and my siblings and I are very lucky pigs and we know it. I love to find out about everything around me. Cats, ducks, birds, people, dogs ….. I’ve met all sorts of interesting friends. I always stop and try to see how life is for them. What’s it like to be a cat? What do whiskers feel like? What’s it like to climb up high? I’m not really impressed with how they catch mice but oh well. They don’t understand why I like to roll in my tub either. I delight in learning about everyone. I am grateful for all of my life! I hope you find fun things too. Maybe you can come and visit and see what it’s like to be me!”