Animal Message of the Day: Dougie

From Dougie: “I know that humans are stressed right now and are going through a hard time. Change isn’t always easy. I lived most of my life outside in the wild. I didn’t have any other cat friends because that never worked out too well for me. I was a loner. I was a survivor. And I was proud of that. But then, I started having trouble. As I grew older, winters were growing more difficult. I also began to not feel well. I started coming to visit the cats here in the sanctuary when they were on their porches. I wondered what life was like for them being locked inside and not being able to just wander wherever they wanted to. That didn’t seem like a fun life. Until one day, it actually felt more appealing. In fact, I made some friends through the screens on the porches. And I decided maybe trying the life of the cats inside might be interesting. So, the humans let me in and got me help for my health. I healed. And I am now figuring out what life is like on the inside. I don’t miss the struggle outside. My outlook has changed. And I have learned more about myself than I ever could have. So, dear humans, while you find yourselves locked inside, take a deeper look at who you are and what you want to do in life. You will find this to be the most ideal time to do so and you might even decide to make some changes. You might just be surprised like I was!”


In an effort to help us all through the stress, fear, and challenges faced by the COVID-19 virus, we are posting an animal message a day. (All messages through animal communicator/co-founder Dawn Hayman) The animals were each asked: What do you feel appreciation for in your life? Or “What would you like to share?”