Animal Message of the Day: Clark

From Clark:  “Oh my goodness! Let me tell you how fun it is to be a goat. I mean, seriously, it is an absolute blast. I love my goat body. I’m little and cute and people like to hear me make my cute little goat sounds. It always makes them laugh. So when I see my human friends coming, I call out loudly and they are almost certain to greet me with a big smile. I like that. Goats can smile too. Did you know that? I’m inspired by sharing a moment of joy with my goat friends and my human friends. It makes the warmth of the sun fill up every cell in my body. And I store that love there and cherish it.”




Each day from November 26 – December 31, as has been our annual tradition now for many years, we will share with you a message from one of the animals of Spring Farm CARES. We hope this will provide you with a bit of inspiration for your day.