Animal Message of the Day – Carley

From Carley: “I have learned so much in such a short time. I’m still learning and I suspect I will be learning my whole life. You see, I didn’t start out in such a great place. But the truth is that I knew no other place before that, so I thought that where I was living was how it would be forever for me. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking things will never change. But the biggest thing I have learned is that actually things are always changing. Opportunities are waiting for us in unexpected places and sometimes at unexpected times. Because now, I know a whole different life. My other donkey friends who had started to give up on life are so much happier now that we are here. And I am now aware that the world can be a very beautiful place. I am here to say, never give up on hope. But, you must always remember, that change is not easy but if you want to see something different in your life, then change is what gets you there. This is what I have learned so far. I am grateful for every change I have experienced. It has brought me to where I am now and I am forever changed.”