Animal Message of the Day: Betsy chicken

From Betsy: “I love being a chicken! Let’s see, here are some of my favorite things. I love taking a good dust bath in a big ray of sunshine. Granted, I have to beat my other chicken friends to the really good ones, but if they are big enough patches of sun, then more than one of us can enjoy them at the same time. I am not combative. But I do like to claim my own space. I also love a good meal worm or two. I know, you humans tend to get grossed out by that. But it’s what we chickens eat!My best advice is to savor, savor, savor all the things you love. Life is short no matter how long you live. Enjoy every single second of it. And when life gets tough and knocks you down, just get up, dust yourself off, find a ray of sunshine, and take a good dust bath. You will be filled with gratitude when you do!”