Animal Message of the Day – Belle

From Belle: “I have done this message ritual for many years now. I actually requested to be a part of it again this year. I do not interact much with humans. Actually, that is not totally true. Humans just think that I don’t interact with them because I don’t like them handling me. But I actually am grateful for my human friends. They may not know this but I watch where they are all of the time. I know the running of this farm probably better than anyone. I know when to expect the caretakers to arrive and when they leave. I know when they are late and when they are here but not really totally here, if you know what I mean. I care about them. I have lived a life of my own choosing. I’ve made my own decisions. I’ve interacted in the ways I wanted to. Yet they have never given up on me or shut me out. I would like to let all of them know how much they mean to me. Because, even though I lost the last of my horse herd this year when Viva died, I still have my human family. They’ve never given up on me and for that I will always be grateful.”