Animal Message of the Day: Bayberry

From Bayberry: “There is just so much to be joyful and grateful about in life! There is never ever a shortage of things. If you feel stuck, go outside and stand under the sun. If it’s raining, that’s ok too. Without rain, the grass doesn’t grow. Go stand out under the stars at night and look at the infinite possibilities out there in the universe. Watch a lady bug crawl up a fence post. Go outside and just run for the pure joy of it. Leap in the air. You see, I do those things and then people label me as a crazy horse. I’m just happy. Ok, maybe a little crazy too but that is even better! You humans are a little too silly with your labeling everything. It gets you into trouble. Just because someone is different you think that is odd. Just pay attention to being yourself and not worrying about what others are looking like. For me, that seems logical. You waste too much energy worrying about what everyone else is doing while you are not paying attention to what you should be doing. But I love you all anyway. So, come on, get out there and find just one thing to be joyful about. And then if you want to tell me what it is, I’d love to hear it!”

Each day through December 31, as has been our annual tradition now for many years, we will share with you a message from one of the animals of Spring Farm CARES. We hope this will provide you with a bit of inspiration for your day.