A New Life Walks onto the Farm

Life is Beautiful!

In today’s example of the beauty if life, I have to share a story. For the past couple of weeks, a doe has come down behind our house every evening and some mornings. She caught our attention because she always was looking for something in the grass and we assumed she had a fawn that she was looking for. But, come to find out, she was playing with our barn cats. She waits for them each night and we have found them waiting for her. We have yet to get a photo or video of this but she follows the cats around, even coming very close to the house when they come in.
Tonight, the moment we have been waiting for happened. She indeed does have a fawn and for the first time he/she was with her. As we ran to get the camera, she was once again looking around in the grass. All of a sudden she jumped and bolted after one of our cats, chasing the cat all the way into our barn. She even came up on the barn bridge. She was protecting her baby from the cat. We welcome our new little deer friend.