Animal Message of the Day: Leo

From Leo: “I never tire of the beauty in the world. The sky can sure be beautiful as the sun sets. I love watching those colors as they change each night. I love the colors of flowers. I love to watch butterflies float across the pasture. I love watching the leaves turn colors in the fall. And I even like the sun glistening off the pure white snow in winter. I think there is much to be grateful for in every single moment. Even during sad times, if we could remember to stop and be grateful for one simple thing … a kind touch, a soothing voice, a hug. It helps us to remember that all sadness shifts into something else just as the snow melts into spring flowers. Just as the sky morphs into colors at sunrise and sunset. Just as the butterfly flies when it never could imagine that it would. All these things I am grateful for.






Animal Message of the Day: Marco

From Marco:  “Oh happy day! I love being asked questions! I am grateful for every morsel of food that nourishes all of us. There are so many great tastes and smells in the world. The bounty is something we should never take for granted. Life nourishes each one of us. And life is within everything we eat. If your food is not alive, then you will perish. Breathe in the fragrance of nice carrot greens or a banana and your senses will be filled with delight. And you will be nourished and enriched. Be grateful for each bite.”






Animal Message of the Day: Bayberry

From Bayberry:  “I know that many people see me as a little on the nutty side. I know that because I’ve heard them say it. Funny when people say things in front of animals and they think that we don’t understand what they are saying. So you may think this sounds nutty but I feel that we can never be grateful enough for the sun. If you have ever lived in darkness you know what it feels like the first day you stand in the sun knowing you are safe. It is a moment I shall never forget. It feels like the warmth of the sun sinks down through every cell and cleanses out the negative, pain, and darkness. The sun is something I will never take for granted. I hope you don’t either.”




Animal Message of the Day: Alice

From Alice:  “I’m grateful to be here. Sometimes the road to happiness seems to take difficult twists and turns. It is hard to trust things when you can’t see where you are going. It was like that for me. Just when I was convinced things were never going to be ok, I ended up exactly where I was supposed to be. I am grateful to be happy. I also love being warm and snuggly. It is the simple things in life that mean the most. Because when I didn’t have a warm, snuggly, and safe place to be, I never knew I could possibly end up having it all. But now I do. I hope you have things to believe in too.”





Animal Message of the Day: Edgar

From Edgar:  “Being a pig is very fun. My mom says that not all pigs can say that. But I know that I can. I live with my mom and my siblings. Now to be honest, that isn’t always fun. But most of the time it is great. A couple of my sisters are really pushy though. My brother and I try to stick together. But it’s not always easy. But that is ok. My mom says that life isn’t always easy. I suppose that is the truth because it would be very boring then wouldn’t it? Let’s see, what am I most grateful for? I’d have to say, food would win. But I also love mud and sun and grass. Oh, and belly rubs from my human friends. I also love hearing people giggle. It is such a funny sound. People who have never touched a pig before find it such a joy. And that makes me happy too. I hope you find time and reason to giggle. It is one of your most charming features!”



Animal Message of the Day: Chico

From Chico:  “My friends and I have a great life here. While the humans have been preparing for winter life, we have been enjoying the warm days and warm nights of fall. The moon was very bright this week. While we looked around in the moonlight, we could see all sorts of nightlife around us. There were our deer friends walking about quietly around our pasture. We like them. They stop and tell us of things that they know. I stood under the stars and realized how big the sky is. It is a comfort to see the stars. It means that even on nights that are really dark, there will always be light to guide us. People probably don’t realize I care about those things. But that’s because people forget about the stars. You might want to look for them again. Stars tell us that we are never alone in the dark.”






Animal Message of the Day: Ned

From Ned:  “This is my first year here and I’m not sure what to do with this. Don’t take me wrong, I have much to be grateful about in my life. I also have had a lot of change and change is very difficult for me. Maybe it is for you too? It’s just hard when everything is different and you don’t know what to expect. I tend to worry a lot about things. I’m finding out that maybe that is not a good thing. I know I get impatient with people and even other cats sometimes. But I’m still trying to figure all of this out. Are you finding life challenging too? Let’s all focus on the things that are certain. I know that I am in a safe place. And I have friends. And, actually, that is what I will focus on for now.”






Animal Message of the Day: Luna

From Luna:  “I’ve done this message thing for many years now. I found out that you humans really do listen to my messages. A few years ago I said I was most grateful for peppermints. Whoa, you should have seen the avalanche of peppermints that came my way. Of course I shared. But I can’t eat peppermints anymore. I’m getting older now. Have some teeth issues. And have had a few health things too. But I’ll tell you what I’m most grateful for now in my age. I’m grateful for this farm. My home. The home for so many of us who were homeless. To be able to know the love of a home is what I am stupendously grateful for. Yes, even more than I used to be grateful for peppermints. Love is a wonderful thing. My heart has a home and my heart is full. So if you’ve helped by helping the farm for being here and continuing onward, then I am doubly grateful to you for that. That’s it from me, Luna, this year. Oh, and rest assured, I am still my sassy self. And I’m also grateful for that!”



Animal Message of the Day: Mia

From Mia: “Being a horse is not always easy but it is always an honor. I cherish living close to the earth and to feel all the things that I feel. Yes, I have known sadness. I’ve known fear. I’ve known loneliness. But I’ve also found immense connection. I know joy. I know love. I love kindness and I have learned to trust in that kindness. People see horses as being strong and athletic. But sometimes we cannot live up to your expectations. When we can’t be a super horse, we hope you will find our hearts and compassion to be enough. I have found that in my life. I no longer need to perform to be safe. I’m now allowed to simply be me. I am grateful for every second of that opportunity.”



Animal Message of the Day: Flannigan

From Flannigan:  “I love looking at colors. I am grateful for a world filled with so many wonderful colorful things. I only have one eye but I make double use of that eye. It makes me double as grateful to see things the way I do. You may think I don’t see colors. But that is a mistake. I also can feel colors. Colors fill my day with many different feelings and sensations. I hope you enjoy the colors in your life. And if you are feeling black and white on life, then I encourage you to go remind yourself how life is so full of color. It will make your heart feel good.”

Animal Message of the Day: Mary Beth

From Mary Beth:  “Oh my goodness, there is so much to be grateful for. Every day when the sun rises and I am breathing, I am aware that I’ve been gifted another day. Every single day of my life has been a blessing. Each breath I take is with gratitude. Having friends. Being loved. Being given a nice flake of fresh hay. Being groomed. Being hugged. Greeting people who have never been here to the farm before. Saying hello to old friends who come to visit again. All of these things, and more, I am grateful for each day.”