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  • Nancy & Don Johnson, in Memory with much love of Ashleigh, Sabrina, & Tamara - January 2019 - December 2019

Viva (registered name: Zinkaviva Ursus) is a Quarter Horse/Arab gelding born in 1985 to Bonnie’s first horse Kazinka. Kazinka was purchased by Bonnie when she was already pregnant. Another mare Tina was also purchased around the same time when Viva was born, thus, he was raised by two mares, Kazinka and Tina. Kazinka died in 1993. These were the original three horses that got Bonnie on the path to founding SFC. Viva, especially, played a large role in that, as Bonnie raised her first foal and learned about all the things going on in the horse world. Viva developed a bad case of kidney stones which were really  painful and gave him lots of back pain. As a result, he had a lot of pain under saddle and bucked people off, so he was never able to be ridden.

He thankfully has not had a problem with kidney stones for a long time now. He occupies his place of honor here at the farm with his mares that he takes care of in the outdoor paddock. He is a real clown, like his mother, and just as loving and caring as she was too. Viva is sort of like the class clown and the 3 mares he lives with love to get him going by picking on him. He puts up with a lot from them and still keeps in good sense of humor. We consider Viva to be one of the Founders of Spring Farm CARES.

“I guess it is true that I am famous. It’s something that I have to live with but its not a big deal. The mares are a bit bothersome at times but the truth is that they’d be totally lost without me. However, when they kick me out of the shed I am not very pleased. I’m lucky that my best friend is Story and she is the leader of our herd. No one messes with her. And do you think it is by accident that she is my best friend? And they don’t think I’m very smart!”

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