My Sponsors

  • Carol Bosch July 2018 - December 2024
  • Howard and Janice LaFave - January 2020 - December 2024
  • Catherine Szenczy - June 2022 - May 2024

Toby is a mini-donkey gelding estimated to have been born in 2012. He came to the farm in spring of 2018 with six other mini-donkeys who all came from an extreme neglect situation. All of them arrived here emaciated and with severely overgrown and malformed feet. Toby is very precocious and actually a bit pushy. He loves human contact but has poor judgment on proper etiquette and body space. In other words, he slams into people for attention. We will be working with Toby to help him with that but he clearly is excited to be here with us. And he is clearly elated to be in a new place where he has food and dry bedding and his friends. Toby lets us know daily of his gratitude and excitement. And we are glad to have him with us as well.

“I’m looking forward to EVERYTHING there is! I want to do it all! I look forward to meeting as many people as want to meet me. I have a lot to give and I was waiting to find my place in life to share it all. I am so excited! I think I found my place! It was starting to look like I’d never get here. But we all did!”

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