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TLC is an Arabian/Quarter Horse gelding born at SFC in 1990. TLC was born to Tina as part of our breeding program before we were SFC. He was a very difficult little foal with a mind of his own and could be incredibly stubborn. He has since grown up to be a decent horse citizen and minds his manners well. Because of his difficult temperament, TLC was not sold or adopted out as we felt he could fall into abusive hands.

TLC is Meloudee’s best friend and enjoys his summer days out with his herd in the big pasture. When TLC was born, we couldn’t immediately think of a name, so temporarily in our records he was TLC which stood for Tina’s Little Colt. When we saw how ornery he was, we began to think that TLC may be a good name to influence the direction he developed in. It seems to have worked!

TLC has been in good health although he has had an episode of seizures that we do not know the underlying cause. We do know however that he is very happy running and playing with his friends, most especially Meloudee who he also lives beside in their stalls. They are always hanging their heads over each other’s stall walls and playing and mutually grooming one another.

“I don’t know if I really have anything important to say. I have lived my whole life here on this farm and it is just the way I like it. We have all been through a lot together and we know each other very well. We love this farm and the land and all the folks who keep us safe and loved.”

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