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Molly is a Welch Pony cross who was born around 1997. She came to the farm in 2010. Her career as a hunter/jumper show pony was cut short when she suddenly lost her eyesight. Molly is functionally blind, meaning she totally trusts and relies on her human handler to move about like a normal horse. In fact, she was even being ridden by children up until 3 weeks before she came to retire here at Spring Farm.

Molly had a rough transition when she first came here. Not only was she now blind, but she also was suddenly without a job. She had been a career show pony and that was her entire life. To be in retirement at only age 13 was not even anything she could comprehend. She was in a new place with new people caring for her and her life had abruptly and totally turned upside down. Yet, sweet Molly trusted us and the horses who became her new family and kept communicating to her that she was safe. It took a while but Molly believed them and now has settled in beautifully to life in retirement at Spring Farm. Molly is a highly functioning blind pony and navigates her world outside in her paddock as well as in our indoor arena very well.

In 2019, the eye disease that had long ago taken Molly’s vision had progressed to a point where her eyes became very painful. We made the decision with our veterinarians that it would be way easier on her (especially as she did not have any vision at all by then) to remover her eyes. Since then, Molly has been very comfortable and still amazes us by what she can see and do without her eyes.

“When I lost my eyesight, I thought my life was over. And for many horses that is true. But I am very lucky. I was able to rewrite my own story within the safety of this farm. And what a wonderful story it is. I don’t have to win any ribbons to be a champ. I’ve never really even seen what this farm looks like or what my friends look like. But I know what it feels like. And I love them all.”

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