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  • Mikki Dorsey - August 2017 - July 2019
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Meloudee is an Arabian gelding born at SFC in 1990. Meloudee was born to Deelight as part of our Arab breeding program before we became SFC. He was originally supposed to be sold as a stallion but that did not work out. Meloudee was not having a good life as a stallion and we gelded him at 4 years old. He was the third generation of his family line to reside at SFC. His grandmother, Deeteza, held a very special place of honor here. A daughter of hers, Deelight, later came to SFC and was bred and had Meloudee. Meloudee is quite a character and has been known to make faces at workshop participants to get them to lighten up around him. He loves to run in the pasture with seven other friends and to be able to play with his stall neighbor and best friend TLC.

Meloudee, like his grandmother before him, has a determination and mind of his own. Most people would throw up their hands in frustration trying to do anything to work with him. He can be skittish at times, stand-offish at times, and can act like he has never been handled before in his life. And if you are in a hurry and trying to do anything with him where you think you have to win – he will instantly be all those things. But if you stay soft and quiet and centered and present, he can be an awesome partner. He has never been a mean horse. He actually is a very sensitive guy and frequently misunderstood. He can be challenging but a relationship with him is incredibly rewarding. He is symbolic of the true heart and spirit of the Horse. He also is incredibly handsome and has magnificent Arab bloodlines – and he knows that too!

“I am here and I am who I am. If you see me, you know me. But it takes a keen eye to see me. And an open heart to fully understand who I am. I’m still learning that myself.”

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