My Sponsors

  • Heidi Blasetti - July 2020 - June 2021

Mabel arrived at our farm in January 2016. She is estimated to have been born in 1986, but we do not know her exact age. We knew the minute we saw Mabel that she was exactly the perfect friend for mini-donkey Mary Beth and we couldn’t have been more right. The two girls hit it off immediately and quickly bonded. Mabel is a wise old soul with the very special qualities of being a donkey. We are thrilled to have her join our herd and to add her voice to the donkey choir. We look forward to learning more about her and from her over the years.

At this point Mabel does not have any health problems that we know of. She does have a deformed hind foot/leg that we will be working on with corrective foot care and we will be addressing any aging issues or special needs as they arise.

“I have been moved around a lot in my life. This time it feels like I found the place where I now will stay. I can see they need me here and it feels great to be needed. I love being a part of things and having a little extra care as well. My old bones are starting to creek a bit but I’m doing ok. This place intrigues me and I look forward to tending to whatever roles come my way.”

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