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  • Nancy & Don Johnson, in Memory with much love of Ashleigh, Sabrina, Tamara, and Shannon - January 2020 - December 2022
  • Jennifer Thies - December 2021 - November 2022

Lizzie is a Cleveland Bay cross mare who was born in 1995. She came to the farm in the spring of 2019. Lizzie had a career as a show horse and then was retired due to a leg injury. She actually has bad suspensory issues and requires special care for her legs so that we can keep her comfortable for her remaining years. Lizzie is a sweetheart who prefers to be out in her pasture by herself but who fit into our barn instantly and seems very happy with her new friends.

“I find comfort in knowing that I am among other horses who have lived lives full of hardships and disappointments but who still have found a place to be safe here at this farm. I am learning that the only expectation placed on me is to be who I am – and that is a wonderful thing. Because now I am also learning about other horses and people too. I really like this here. I can’t wait to find out and learn all that I can.”

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