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  • In Honor of Ann, Martha, & Ginny, and in memory of Robin - January 2021 - December 2023
  • Betty Berry - December 2022 - November 2023

Finnegan came to the farm in 2020. He is estimated to have been born in 2008. Finnegan has had a rough beginning in life. He was rescued at only 3 years of age from a neglect case where horses were found starving. He also had apparently sustained some hip injury that makes him unrideable. Finnegan was having trouble keeping weight on and it was clear he was not going to ever be a rideable horse so we were approached to provide him with sanctuary for the rest of his life.

Finnegan is an incredibly kind and sweet horse. He fit right into our herd and loves spending time out in the pasture with his friends. He has been recovering nicely with us and we hope to have many years ahead with him.

“I believe in kindness and hope that I can be an inspiration to others who are looking for kindness too. I am proud to be among a herd of teachers and look forward to learning from them and I hope to be able to contribute something as well. I love having visitors come see me, especially when they have never touched a horse before. I would like to be the horse to touch them. It makes me happy!”

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