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  • Pat and Dan Nolan - May 2018 - April 2021
  • Peter and Nora Ricci - June 2019 - May 2020

Coco is a mini-donkey in-tact male (soon to be gelded). He is estimated to have been born in 2014 and came to the farm in spring of 2018 after he and six other mini-donkeys were rescued from an extreme neglect situation. All of them were emaciated and had feet that were severely overgrown. Of the group of 7, Coco was actually in slightly better condition physically. But, although he is a sweet boy, he is also one of the more emotionally shut down of the group. As soon as Coco is healthy enough, he will be gelded and integrated with his other donkey friends. We look forward to watching Coco heal and unfold. He is safe now and has all the time he needs to find his confidence again.

“I haven’t been in this life for very long but I have seen enough to make me a little confused. I watched my friend die and no one seemed to care. It made me not want to care either. But now things seem to be changing and I am starting to be interested in caring again. Hearts were not meant to be broken. I think I’m going to find something better now.”

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