My Sponsors

  • Pat and Dan Nolan - January 2019 - December 2019

Chance is a grade (mix breed) gelding in his 30’s. Chance came to the farm in late 2018. Chance has a lot of age related issues, including that he doesn’t have many teeth left to chew hay with so he is now on a special diet of mashes to help him put some weight on. We don’t know a lot about Chance and his history. But we do know that he is a very sweet guy and is very happy to be here in our herd. Chance is the type of horse that makes you feel joyful just to walk in the barn and see his bright cheery face. We are happy to have Chance with us and look forward to him spending his senior years with us.

“I am so happy to be able to be here among all of these wonderful horses and ponies and donkeys and goats. We have pigs here too! This is such a great place. There is always something going on and I love to watch everything and be a part of as many things as I can. I love to have visitors and am more than happy to share anything I can here. I am very grateful to have this new home.”

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