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Smokin Bunny, or Bunny as she is called, is a Standardbred mare born in 1995. She came to the farm with her friend Mister after their owner passed away and there was nowhere for them to go. Bunny did race earlier in her life and also was used for breeding. But after a founder episode ended her career, she was put out to pasture and later joined by Mister. The two of them lived their lives for nearly 20 years on a small hobby farm.

Bunny has severe issues with her feet. Her medical bills and care are quite extensive as we aim to keep her comfortable for a good quality of life for as long as we can. Age and founder have taken a toll on her body. But Bunny is still very joyful to be alive. She right now is enjoying a deep bedded stall as we try to stabilize her feet. Her friend Mister doesn’t leave her side. He is devoted to her every minute.

“I am forever grateful for the gentleness of love and care. I love every aspect of being a horse. And I am grateful to be here now in my final years where I can just rest knowing I ran a good race. That means a lot to me.”

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