Goat – Tommy


Tommy was born in June of 2022 and came to the farm in September 2022. Tommy has a twin brother named Timmy who their mother rejected at birth. Timmy was born with a brain deformity and has serious neurological issues. We first took in Timmy to see if we could help him. After a few weeks, we realized that Timmy could not go in with our bigger goats as he was too compromised. Remembering that he had a brother, we asked the people who had him if he could come live here with Timmy to be his companion. They agreed to that and Tommy arrived shortly after.

Unlike Timmy, Tommy is totally normal and healthy. We’re sure he must get frustrated with Timmy at times, but he truly is a great companion for Timmy to have. Tommy is very loving and affectionate and loves to eat and play – just like any young goat would do. We are grateful to have Tommy’s help with Timmy.