Goat – Timmy


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Timmy was born in June 2022 and came to the farm in August 2022. We were called after Timmy’s family had been bottle feeding him after his mother rejected him. Timmy was born with a brain deformity and needed lots of care. Unfortunately, Timmy’s family had a house fire and Timmy had been staying in the house. We brought him here to the farm where we could also better meet his extensive physical challenges. After he was here for a few weeks, we realized that he needed a companion more his size, especially being neurologically compromised. We remembered that Timmy had a brother who their mother did not reject. We called and asked if the brother could come and be with Timmy when he was old enough to be weaned. We named his brother Tommy.

It is a miracle that Timmy has made it this far. He does not have the correct brain reflexes to eat properly and still gets a lot of his nutrients through a bottle. No one expected Timmy to make it this far. He is happy and content and having Tommy around helps him. We just keep taking things day by day with him and we will see where he goes.