Sheep – Daisy


Daisy is estimated to have been born in 2013 and came to the farm in the summer of 2016 after she was found abandoned. A wonderful farmer found this lone sheep out with his cows one morning and she was in very rough shape. He managed to catch her after great difficulty and help her. Someone apparently had put her in his fence during the night. Daisy was full of porcupine quills all over her face and even deep inside her mouth. He called us for help and we took her in. Our vet said it was the first sheep she had pulled porcupine quills out of. Daisy is very shy yet very inquisitive and indeed it was her curiosity that obviously didn’t score points with the porcupine. She was also very sick with an infection but luckily we were able to help her back to health and Daisy is now living here at our farm with our goats.

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