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Mack came to the farm in 2009. He was estimated to be 3-4 years old. Mack came to us from our friends at  Glen Highland Farm, a Border Collie rescue that does extraordinary work. Mack had been found as a stray running in hundreds of acres of wilderness. People had seen him around for at least 6 months. Surviving on whatever scraps and berries and twigs he could find, Mack held on but was in very poor shape when someone was finally able to catch him. Upon arrival at the rescue, they discovered that Mack had much more going on with him than just being thin. A trip to the vet confirmed that Mack had an old and very serious injury to his lower spine. Just at the base of his tail, he had broken his back. Although Mack can now walk, it appears by the scars he had on his feet, that he at one point must have only been able to drag himself around. Yet, he survived all of that, on his own, lost in the wilderness, without a single friend. It is almost inconceivable that he  survived that.

Mack walks, runs, plays, jumps, chases, herds and does all the normal things an active adult Border Collie likes to do. But Mack was 100% bladder and bowel incontinent. He came to SFC to see if we could do long term rehab and the hope was that he could potentially regain some control. Without that, Mack was not placeable in a home. But while here, Mack decided THIS was his home. He has gained much control of his bladder – but it took almost 2 years for that to happen. He still does not have control over his bowels. So life for Mack has to be in a way that we can keep him clean, yet also give him freedom to be a Border Collie. Mack lives on his terms and it is always a challenge to keep up with him. He is a teacher. He is here for big work, as many Border Collies are. He knows what he likes and he knows what he doesn’t like. Ball time is the best. Herding in the dog yard is great. And an occasional snuggle is ok too. All on Mack time. Mack has taught all of us much about ourselves and we are watching him continuously growing and changing and learning to trust again too. Mack may not have a life that looks anything like the typical Border Collie life. But clearly, Mack is forging his own path. Trail blazing something different. Only now, he is not out there in the wilderness alone. Now he has the comfort of knowing he has friends and that he makes a difference in many lives. Mack is not normal. He is special.

“I wasn’t sure what my life was all about or what I am here to do. I still don’t really know for sure, but I know that the journey to find it is what living is all about. I once gave up on that. But now, its got my interest for sure.”

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