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  • Alex R. - June 2024 - May 2025

Woodward is estimated to have been born in 2018 and arrived at the farm in 2019 after being found badly injured on the side of a road. A good Samaritan brought her to us for help. At first, we thought she must have been hit by a car, but after a veterinarian exam, it was found that she had been badly attacked by an animal. She was covered in bite wounds and one of the bites was forceful enough to break one of her hind legs. Woodward’s case became very complicated because she also was feral and had no evidence of immunizations. Because she had sustained bite wounds, she had to be put on a 6 month rabies quarantine to be sure she is ok. It also meant that we couldn’t handle her very much and were restricted to how much we could treat her. Thanks to the ingenuity of our staff and veterinary team, a protocol was set up for Woodward and we gave her time to see if she could heal. Woodward indeed let us know that she wanted to try and she cooperated the best she could. By three months later, she can use all 4 legs and is starting to show interest in all around her. Woodward has now found her place here at the farm and has been integrated into a room where she instantly was welcomed by a group of cats. She cannot stop purring and flopping on the ground and rolling with joy. She also has human friends who she is now approaching for head rubs and lots of petting.


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