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  • Alex R. - January 2024 - December 2024

Sylvester is estimated to have been born in 2012 and came to the farm in 2022 when he was found collapsed in someone’s backyard. He was neurologically impaired and looked to be very sick. He was brought to us and we immediately took him to our veterinarian. Sylvester looked to have been an owned cat before. We thought surely someone would be looking for him. But we searched to no avail to find his family. The problem is that we didn’t know if he was injured, sick, or if he had a brain disorder that he could even have been born with. But further testing started to lead everyone on his veterinary team to believe he may have gotten into some sort of toxin. Sylvester is now doing very well but still is not neurologically normal, although he seems to keep improving. Only time will tell if he will be “normal” again but for now he is very happy with us and will stay with us for the rest of his life, as he does have special needs.


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