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  • Nancy Cerio, In Loving Memory of Squeeker - December 2022 - November 2023

Stevie is estimated to have been born in 2012 and came to the farm in 2020. Stevie was found at a feeding station for feral cats. Being blind, his survival outside in those circumstances was challenging at best. He was befriended by a good samaritan and brought to our sanctuary. Stevie is FIV positive and had lesions in both of his eyes. In 2021, the eyes had a lot of pressure in them and were causing him great discomfort. We had both eyes removed and now Stevie is enjoying life much better. Although fairly shy, he is starting to come out more around people and he loves to sit in the sun. He has even been spotted up on a chair snuggling up with a stuffed animal. Stevie seems to be enjoying his life now. We do think that he may also be deaf or at least very hard of hearing. But he knows his way around his room and to all of his favorite places. It is good to see him more comfortable now and being able to enjoy his life.


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