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Snookie is estimated to have been born in 2010. She came to the farm in 2011 after she and several other cats were found living in a warehouse that was about to be demolished. Someone managed to rescue them just in time. All of them were feral and Snookie didn’t really want much to do with anyone. At first she was totally in upheaval. She wasn’t really sure that living inside was such a good thing. She was a challenge for us too because we wanted to do what was right for her. All she wanted was to go back to the place she knew as home but that place was now gone. It took Snookie a while to adjust but then one day it was like she suddenly realized a whole new world was at her disposal and she was going to try it out. Snookie seems very happy now with her living situation. She has a cat door where she can go outside on an enclosed porch and get sunshine and fresh air and hear birds etc. It’s now a farm view instead of a city warehouse and she has decided that she actually likes it much better. Snookie also has some health issues that have been a challenge for her. We discovered right after she came that she was a severe asthmatic. She even let us give her treatments and now is much improved. It indeed may be that the fresh country air may have helped her ailing lungs. Snookie is a great reminder on how important it is to let these cats find their own life and identity without imposing our ideals on them. She truly found her way to a new life and now lives quite contentedly and proud of herself – which we think she should be.

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