Santino is estimated to have been born in 2006 and came to the farm in 2018 after his beloved human unexpectedly passed away. When Santino first arrived, he was terrified. He was a one person cat and his human was the only one who he allowed to touch him. Losing his person was very difficult for him. At first, he just hid under a loveseat in one of our cat rooms. We barely ever saw him. But as time went on, we’d see glimpsed of him now and then. We just let him find his own way without pushing him. Today, Santino sits right out in the open and lets us walk right up to him. He loves to be petted and he purrs and purrs. He has even started walking up to us and rubbing up against our legs now too. We are sure his human friend still watches out for him. She’d be proud of how he has learned to trust and that he is happy.


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