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  • Sharon Kaples - January 2023 - December 2023

Rhu was born in 2012 and came to the farm in 2022. She was in a household with another cat who was her companion. After that cat died, Rhu was all alone. She ended up being relegated to the basement of the home because she was being chased by the family dogs. Rhu is very difficult. She can be extremely opinionated and not very cooperative. The problem is that Rhu became diabetic and would not let her humans care for her. We took on the task and offered her a place here. She has not exactly decided to be cooperative although we have been able to start her on insulin. She is for sure her own cat. She wants nothing to do with anyone else. However she loves to eat!!! She loves seeing her human caretakers bringing her food! And she is often found playing with a ball that she loves to chase around. We will continue to do all we can for her. Now if she could just cooperate just a little bit more.


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