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  • Mike and Vicky Zebrower - January 2022 - December 2023

Rhoda was born in 2011 and came here as a kitten with her 6 siblings. She was adopted that same year and returned in 2015 for peeing outside her litter box. It turned out that Rhoda actually had a medical condition that was fueling that behavior. Besides a urinary tract infection that was easily treatable and cured, we noticed that she drank an enormous amount of water. Rhoda suffers from a disease called diabetes insipidus. She is on special medication to help keep that under control, but Rhoda always needs a constant supply of water as well. She is a wonderful cat with a great personality and she will live out the rest of her life with us so that we are sure she is properly maintained with her medications, etc. One of Rhoda’s most favorite things in life is to snuggle in and sleep beneath a big comforter on her floor. She also has been known to playfully spring at cats and caretakers who didn’t realize she was “under cover”.

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