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  • Alex R. - June 2023 - May 2024

Pizazz was born in 2010 and came in as a tiny orphaned kitten. He was bottle raised by our co-founder, Bonnie, and then was ready for adoption. Unfortunately, Pizazz was initially overlooked because he was a plain black cat in a sea of multi-colored kittens. But Pizazz also is quite a difficult cat. He has a very unusual disposition and quirky personality. But we still love him! Pizazz has a tendency to request lap time and affection by rubbing up against you and then growling angrily at the same time. No one knows quite what to do with that. And, thus, Pizazz will most likely live here his entire life. He also suffers from severe allergies and at times looses all of his hair – which would probably make most anyone cantankerous I guess!

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