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  • Marg Benson - June 2020 - May 2024

Piper arrived at the farm in the summer of 2015. He was only about 10 weeks old when he had been found in the middle of a road. He was obviously sick and his eyes were sealed shut from severe infection. Someone stopped and picked him up and brought him to us. It turns out that Piper has quite a story. We immediately got medical attention for him and nursed him through a serious upper respiratory infection. But it was determined that his eyes were not functional. Although he had been born with eyes, it appears that he basically lost them at just days old, probably from severe infection that was never treated. So Piper will be permanently blind. To say that this does not slow him down would be an understatement. Piper zooms around the room leaping and playing and chasing his cat friends. He scampers up cat trees and jumps down with ease. You would not be able to believe he is blind. But he is. Unfortunately, Piper is also FIV positive so he will live out his days with his cat friends in our sanctuary. To Piper, this is not a hardship. He lights up our lives and we are glad to offer him a lifetime home. Piper is a bundle of love and joy. His continual purrs can cheer up anyone’s day.

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