Mr. O’Malley is estimated to have been born in 2013. He came to the farm in 2015 after being found as a stray and with horrible ear and skin infections. We nursed him back to health and he was eventually adopted out but then was returned when his person couldn’t keep him any longer. Unfortunately, O’Malley then started a skin infection again that got quite severe. O’Malley is FIV positive and because of his immune suppressive condition, infections are harder for him to overcome. We have discovered the source of his problems is that he suffers from severe allergies that are environmental in nature and very difficult to overcome. Because the things that he’s allergic to are common everyday things in any household. O’Malley is a challenge and we do all that we can to help him. But looking past his skin problem, inside is an amazing cat bursting with character. O’Malley truly is a fun and awesome cat. He loves everyone and appreciates everything done for him. He is the only cat we’ve ever seen that loves his baths as much as he does. He purrs and drools through the entire bath. O’Malley will live out the rest of his life here with us where we can attend to his various medical issues.

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