Nemo was born in 2005. He came to the farm in 2007 and was turned over to us by his person who said he was having behavioral issues. The funny  thing is that none of us remember what those issues were. Nemo has become a standout here at the farm. He has helped raise more orphaned kittens than we can remember and he has helped rehab many a wayward young cat as they came to the farm trying to find their way. Uncle Nemo as we fondly call him loves to play with the youngsters. He is a big boy but he is all gentle with the kids. He is wonderful. Now, if you ask his caretakers about him, there are those who love him and those who say they are leery around him. And that is the unique way of Nemo. He often has stalked his caretakers and pounced on them or grabbed their ankles as they try to leave his room. He has perfected the art of ambushing and of also scurrying out the door to have a little fun getting people to catch him. But, all in all, Nemo is one of those very special cats on a very special mission in life. We think he’s special. And, truth be told, he knows that!

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