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  • William Stewart - June 2022 - May 2025

Ned was born in 2012 and arrived at the farm in 2022. Ned’s person was searching out a sanctuary where Ned could live out his life and have his special needs met. It appears Ned was born with a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia which causes him to have a lot of balance issues. Animals can live fine with this condition and we have had several in our sanctuary over the years. But Ned also had the complication of a broken back leg that left him somewhat handicapped in his mobility. He cannot leap onto things for example. He is a very small cat and has a huge personality. Ned is rather shy at first but once he settled in he is a complete love of a cat. We will continue to give Ned all that he needs for his orthopedic issues and make any adaptations needed for his neurological condition.


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