Mingo was born in 2012 and came to the farm at just a few months old after being found as a stray. We adopted him out shortly after but he was returned fairly quickly because he wasn’t using the litter box. We chalked it up to it being a very busy household and sent him out to another adopter. Unfortunately, he was returned again for the same reason, so he is here to stay.

Mingo is a likable but kind of grumpy guy. He likes his head pet once, maybe twice, but after that he doesn’t appreciate it. His favorite activity is napping with his best friend Stan. He looks out for Stan and will bop other cats who come around to bother Stan. His caretakers have even seen him share his plate of canned food with Stan at times. Mingo also loves to be out on their enclosed porch and loves to spend as much time out there as he can.