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  • Sharon Kaples - January 2021 - December 2023

Melanie is estimated to have been born in 2009. She came to the farm in 2010 after she had been found abandoned in a dumpster. Melanie is semi-feral and very shy around people. However, she is a true cat’s cat and loves to cuddle with her other cat friends. She enjoys sleeping in the sun (the hotter the better) and is perfectly content to live life indoors and on her terms. Melanie will most likely be with us the rest of her life – unless she chooses something different – but she seems like she is a very happy and well settled cat in one of our cat rooms. In fact, lately, Melanie has been moving a little closer and closer to her caretakers who are handing out can food or treats to get a little special treat herself. But her caretakers also feel they are the ones getting treated when Melanie trust them enough to move a bit closer each time.

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