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Marsha is estimated to have been born in 2009 and came to the farm in 2011 after being found unconscious on the side of a road. Marsha actually defied all odds to get here. Someone found her on a Saturday morning on the side of a road near their driveway and called the police, animal control, and the humane society. But no one responded. They thought that cat was dead but then discovered she was still breathing. No one had the ability to take her to a vet and by Monday morning, the cat was still lying there breathing. Someone suggested they call us and we asked them to bring the cat to us immediately, which they did. We thought for sure this was a euthanasia to help this poor cat out. However, when we got her to our veterinarian, they examined her and could not find anything other than a head trauma and dehydration and thought it might be treatable. She had blood in one eye but was obviously already blind from a long standing old eye injury to the other. Stunningly, within two hours of being admitted to the hospital, she was not only conscious but was standing. Two hours later, she was eating and drinking. She came back to the farm the next day.

At first, Marsha could only walk in a circle and had a head tilt. However, that quickly went away with some physical therapy. Today, Marsha walks just fine. In fact, Marsha is totally blind but we really have no clue if she was totally blind before her accident or not. We know she was blind in one eye. But she is a highly functional blind cat. She actually is the boss cat of her room. She climbs 5 foot cat trees and navigates incredibly well. You can ask any of the cats she lives with and they will tell you that you can’t get anything by on Marsha. She also loves to play in the water bowls, splashing water everywhere she can. This is another cat who found her place with us and who clearly has had enough of the outside world. It is amazing to us to see her curled up peacefully sleeping in one of her favorite spots. If anyone deserves to be pampered, it is Marsha.

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